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Garlicks heating & cooling sell and service Jindara and Kent wood fires.

Australian manufacturers and the distributors of imported wood heating products have spent literally millions of dollars in research and development in an effort to ensure their heaters meet Australian Standards and are continually working with government bodies to improve air quality.

“Our industry has strongly supported government initiatives to reduce urban wood smoke for many years and has spent more than $30 million in the last 10 years in developing a new generation of wood heaters that reduce particulate emission levels by 80 per cent,” said  the Australian Home Heating Association.

Compared to other fuel options such as oil, gas and electricity, firewood can be managed as a renewable resource and provide associated greenhouse and dry land salinity benefits. “Wood is part of an unending cycle of regeneration use gas and it is gone, coal takes millions of years to form, but you can keep planting trees forever”.

The AHHA encourages all environment-conscious Australians to look for the Landcare and Australian Home Heating Association logos when shopping for a new wood heater. Click on the brands below for more information:








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