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Houses, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, malls, storage facilities, tanks and government offices all get hot. Once hot, electricity-cooling costs, power usage and green house emissions all escalate. There is a cooler solution, a cooler coating – an environmentally sustainable solution called Solacoat!

Solacoat reduces the temperature of galvanised iron roof by over 40°C and lowers heat within a building by up to 15°C!

Solacoat is a revolutionary water-based acrylic coating that contains a unique membrane additive, which reflects the suns hot infra-red rays whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Manufactured in NATA and APAS approved facilities to world’s best practices, this non-hazardous product literally stops heat from entering a building or home.

Solacoat also inhibits rust, corrosion and thermal expansions ensuring durability and superior appearance.

Why use Solacoat?

  • Water-based and non-hazardous181691_377442679042828_11188477_n
  • Conventional insulations slow heat, Solacoat STOPS heat!
  • Applicable to most materials
  • Easy to apply via brush roller and airless spray for DIY & Professional
  • Variety of colours available to cater for individual preference and architecture appearance
  • 10 year warranty
  • Manufactured in NATA & APAS approved facilities

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