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When it comes to insulation for your home, office or factory, Bradford Insulation is the smart choice. We offer a range of environmentally-sustainable products that can help you improve comfort & energy efficiency. For over 70 years, we have been helping Australians with our insulation knowledge & experience.

Bradford products include comfortseal, soundscreen, gold insulation and bradford batts.


Is the use of a fan or vent to remove heat from ceiling space, moisture from sub floor areas, moisture and odours from rooms within your home.

Thses products from Bradford include supavent, windmaster, superwhirly, ecofan, vent a room, solabright, turbu ventura and sewer vent.

For any more information about any of these products please contact our friendly staff today on 02 6765 7699 or info@garlicks.com.au

Edmonds Whirly Mate Ceiling Grille diagram [640x440]



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