Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning

With soaring power prices, purchasing energy efficient products is becoming a key concern for all Australians. Choosing an energy efficient cooling system is no different. Fortunately your decision is made easy because evaporative air conditioning is, without a doubt, the most energy and cost efficient way to cool your whole home. Evaporative cooling uses up to 80% less electricity than comparable refrigerated units. We also sell the filter pads for all evaporative coolers. Please call our office with your model number or pad size for a price. Click on the evaporative cooler makes below for more information:


Benefits of Evaporative Air Conditioning:

  • Delivers 100% fresh air
  • Windows and doors can be left open
  • Greatly reduces costs of staying cool
  • Increases cooling capacity as outside temperatures rise
  • Enables lower purchase and installation costs
  • Guarantees fresh, natural, healthy “Lifestyle” cooling
  • Allergy free, asthma-safe environment*
  • Replaces all of the air every two minutes
  • Ensures full ventilation – drives out odours and stale air
  • Never dries out the eyes and skin, or even indoor plants







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